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Eastern Highveld FM, is an Online Radio, established to acquire a broadcasting licence with the aim of broadcasting for the community of the Govan Mbeki Municipality. Targeting demographics from the age of 16 - 45. Played music suites young and old, News and Current affairs 60% local News 30% National News 20%. Broadcasting in and around Govan Mbeki Municipality: Leslie, Delmass, Nigel, Kinross, Evender, Secunda, Bethal, Trichardt, Embalenhle - Standerton and Surrounding Areas. it gives us pleasure to know that this Radio Station is global. SOUNDz, Like Radio.

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Mission Statement
--Serves as an avenue for the free flow of beneficial information aimed at uplifting the plight of the various sectors of the community. The station shall open up possibilities for everyone, especially regular citizens, to express themselves socially, culturally, politically and spiritually, thus preparing each and every member of the community to participate in decision making;
--Strive to help create a self-reliant interactive community and seek its own development, fully harnessing locally available resources;
--Be the catalyst for social, political, moral and cultural development and promote harmony among all community members and sectors.
--To be the Community Radio of excellence that serves its community.

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By Swallowed Lips Production PTY (Ltd)

Our mandate and commitment is to work to strengthen communities, promote popular education and community dialogue in a move towards social justice and progressive social change